Faruk Medical City

Chest Diseases

At Faruk Medical City Chest Diseases Department, lung disease diagnosis, treatment and follow-up is done. Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods are applied in the division of Pulmonary Diseases, best medical technologies are used in many opportunity.
Faruk Medical City Chest Diseases Department has developed a pulmonary function laboratory. In this laboratory flow-volume curve, static lung volumes, diffusing capacity, bronchoprovocation testing, allergy - skin test and bronchoscopy can be performed. Patients in intensive care or service can be applied to the non-invasive mechanical ventilation. In addition to closely monitor evolving technological possibilities of imaging facilities are used in the most effective manner.

Some of the diagnostic and treatment services in our unit are as follows:

    -Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Lung Disease
   - Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergic Lung Diseases
   - Pulmonary Function Tests Within Pulmonary Function Lab
   - Diagnosis and Treatment of Bronchial Tumors
   - Sleep Disorders Evaluation and Treatment (Initiation of Home Ventilator Therapy)
   - Respiratory Physiotherapy
   - Respiratory Failure Management and Evaluation of Initiation of Home Oxygen Therapy
   - Bronchoscopy for Diagnosis of Various Lung Conditions
   - Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Management
   - Acute and Chronic Respiratory Failure
   - Pneumonia
   - Pleurisy
   - Bronchitis
   - Sarcoidosis
   - Pneumothorax
   - Pulmonary Embolism

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